The Ultimate Triumph of Thy Plan

With all the upheavals going on these days, it helps to recall that earlier days had their problems as well. The following prayer is from Peter Marshall, who was serving as Chaplain to the U.S. Senate in 1948. He gave the following prayer on the morning after the Communists took over Hungary.

O, God, our Heavenly Father, restore our faith in the ultimate triumph of Thy plan for the world Thou has made. In spite of present difficulties, our disappointments, and our fears. Reassure us that Thou are still in control. When we become frustrated and give up, remind us that Thou are still holding things together, waiting and working and watching. When we make mistakes, help us to remember that Thou does not give up on us.

This prayer also struck a Masonic chord with me, as it is similar in certain sentiments to a prayer in the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite.

Donald Lefkowitz in Hospital

News just in from
Rochelle Lefkowitz

“As many of you may know my husband Don, had a bad fall at home a week ago Tuesday.

He was rushed to Baptist Hospital and they found that he had broken his hip. They did surgery that same evening. They were able attach the broken bone with a metal plate and screws. He spent several days in the hospital due to severe pain and observation.

On Friday of that same week we were fortunate to have him admitted to M.J.H Rehab for physical and occupational therapy, where he will be staying and in rehab for from four to six weeks.

He is in a wheelchair and is learning to walk with a walker and building up muscles and nerves that were affected. He is doing very well and it is a slow process in getting him walking again. His spirits and motivation are extremely high and he is doing very well.

 Per many requests he may be reached or wishes sent to
         Donald Lefkowitz
          c/o   M.J.H Rehab
          36 Blazberry Rd.
          Cordova , TN.
          Room 207A
   Main number 758-0036 
Direct line to room
302- 1809

Please continue to wish him well and a speedy recovery with your prayers,

Thank you,

Rochelle Lefkowitz”

Meetings in May

  • Saturday – May 7th – Spaghetti Dinner – $10.00 per person, benefitting Zia Temple  # 148, Daughters of the Nile. Right here at Zaman Grotto, folks!
  • Saturday – May 14th – Volunteer Unit breakfast at 8am and meeting after.
  • Wednesday – May 17th – Pot Luck Dinner at 7pm and Stated Meetings of the Grotto & the Ladies Auxiliary at 8pm.

AND, we have a bunch of Rentals of the building for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties & other events. Please contact Al Hanson, PM, or Charlie Moore, current Monarch, to volunteer to help with these rentals. (Their phone numbers are on the Officers page here on this very blog.) These rentals are very important to Zaman Grotto, as they help cover our operating expenses.

Spaghetti Dinner

We will host a SPAGHETTI DINNER with Salad, Roll & Brownie on May 7th, from 5pm to 8pm, here at Zaman Grotto (7818 Holmes Road, Memphis, Tennessee).

Proceeds of this dinner go to help Zia Temple # 148, Daughters of the Nile.  Cost for the dinner is just $10.00 per person.

From the Secretary – April 2011

We still need your 2011 dues. About 50 members have not paid yet. Please get them in as soon as possible.

Membership is still declining.

The Monarch will be setting a Ceremonial date soon. Talk to one of your Masonic friends, get a petition and send it in.

– Jim Connors, Secretary

From the Master of Ceremonies – April 2011


My goodness, another time for the newsletter. Time passes fast when you are having fun!

It would be nice to see a bunch of you Prophets and your Ladies at our meetings. We have a nice potluck before the meeting. So, please bring a pot and join us.

– K.C. May, Master of Ceremonies

From the Chief Justice – April 2011


We’ve had a good start to a new year and I hope to keep it going.

While looking to the future, let us not forget the past and all those Brothers who have given us this opportunity.

May we have a good year for the Grotto.

– Jimmy Stewart, Chief Justice