J.C. McCarley in Hospital

Our prayers for healing go out to J.C. McCarley, who is in the hospital recovering from getting a pacemaker installed.

He is in Methodist Germantown, Room 319, according to Charlie Moore, PM of Zaman Grotto.

They are expecting to release him in a few days, so Charlie does not see a need for a bunch of visitors — but knowing JC, I bet he would appreciate a call or card.

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Meanwhile, please note that I will have to miss at least part of the Zaman Grotto Stated Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th, due to work. PM Charlie will appoint a temporary Chaplain in my absence, so don’t fret about the prayers being said — it has been taken care of.

May the Lord lift you up and give you peace, now & forever more.


RIP Edwin D. “Tip” Rikard

Past Monarch Tip Rikard laid down his working tools and went home to the celestial lodge above on Saturday, October 1, 2011.

He was born on January 27, 1933, and was a very active member of Zaman Grotto for a long time, including serving as Monarch in 1999.

He was survived by his wife Sherri, daughters Donna Bruchesky & Vivian Baldomero, sons Richard & Kenneth Rikard, and seven grandchildren.

Interment was on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at Forest Hill South Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee.

PM Rikard will be greatly missed by the Grotto. Our sympathy & prayers go out to his family.

Tip and Sherri at the Monarch's Ball in 2006

Tip and Sherri at the Monarch’s Ball in 2006