About Zaman Grotto

Zaman Grotto is the Memphis-area chapter of the Grottoes of North America, Inc., usually just called The Grotto but more formally known as the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm or MOVPER.

The national body was formed in the 1890s as part of the wave of new fraternities that emerged then and its ritual is focused on Persian legends.

The Grotto has been called the poor Mason’s Shrine because both the Grotto & the Shrine were set up to be safe places for Master Mason’s to have fun together while supporting worthwhile causes — and it is easier & cheaper to join & participate in the Grotto even now.

Zaman Grotto’s membership partly overlaps with Al Chymia Shrine, the Memphis-area chapter of the national Shrine, and we maintain a good relationship with them.

If you are a Master Mason in the Memphis, Tennessee, area, we invite you to join us.

Our website is at http://zamangrotto.org (or, currently, http://timgatewood.wix.com/zamangrotto/) and our meeting hall is at 7818 East Holmes Road, Memphis TN 38125.  Our Office phone number is 901-756-4430. Our email address is zamangrotto@gmail.com.

Our current Prophet Monarch (President) is Gene Gitter.

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