Grotto is about Fun

Those folks who study such things will tell you that a group is defined and known by what it does. So, if all a group does is have meetings, you might wonder what’s the point. I know that I have wondered that myself at times.

Until this year, my only involvement with the Grotto was the meetings. So, I never really understood the Grotto.

Now that I have started to help at the rentals and to attend the parties, the dust has cleared, the clouds have parted and it has all become clear:

The Grotto is about HAVING FUN and doing what it takes to have fun.

We have dinner dances every month because they are FUN. We rent the property so other people can have FUN (and provide the funds to help pay our bills). We have meetings to plan the FUN, to discuss the FUN, and to take care of just enough business for the FUN to continue.

Now that I know this, I plan to redo our website from top to bottom to emphasize the FUN.

Already, you can place a reservation for the upcoming dinner dance on our website. Just go to Reservation Form and fill in the boxes and click the Submit button.

Next up on our website ( will be loads more pictures of the people who have FUN at the Grotto. I have been taking pictures at the dinner dances for the past few months. The best of those will appear on our website. If you have pictures, email them to timgatewood at netscape dot net (spelled out to cut down on spam).

As the current Venerable Prophet, I invite you to join us in the FUN.

Upcoming FUN:

Our Early CHRISTMAS PARTY dinner dance on Saturday, November 17th at 7p.m.. Jim Connors (901-283-9684) is host for this event. Cost is $40 per couple, including the steak dinner. Please bring a gift (value of $5 or less) to exchange if you can.

Zaman Grotto Hosts Two Events This Week

The July Stated Meetings of Zaman Grotto and its Ladies Auxiliary will be held on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, starting with a joint potluck dinner at 7pm followed by the separate meetings at 8pm.

Three days later, on Saturday, July 21, we will have our monthly Dinner Dance. The theme for this dance is Christmas in July and there will be decorations tied in with this theme.

Please bring a wrapped gift ($10 or less in value) for the Dirty Santa Exchange.

Steak Dinner with the usual trimming at 7pm; Dancing with a live band starting at 8pm. Just $40.00 per couple gets you in.

Please call the Zaman Grotto office (number shown at the top of this page) to make your reservations for this Dinner Dance party.

Please note that this Dinner Dance is being “hosted” by Venerable Prophet (low man on the totem pole, bottom of the line, what have you) Tim Gatewood, your humble webmaster (see and blogger of this very site.

As this will be the first party I have hosted at Zaman Grotto, I hope it turns out well — and that the spirit of sympathy and good fellowship for which the Grotto is so well-known will flow deeply that night, allowing everyone to have a Real Good Time (and not notice any mistakes I may make).